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Defining Obesity.

Obesity is defined as the excessive buildup of body fat caused by consuming much more calories than the body can utilize. Obesity is more than simply an aesthetic issue. It is a chronic medical condition that can lead to diabetes, hypertension, obesity-related cardiovascular disorders such as heart disease, gallstones, cancer, and other chronic ailments. Obesity is defined as having a BMI more than or equal to 30.


What factors contribute to obesity?

1. Faulty eating habits – One of the primary reasons of obesity is this. Obesity does not occur overnight; it is the result of a bad diet. Obesity is also caused by poor eating habits developed in childhood. Highly processed meals are frequently little more than refined materials coupled with preservatives and food colors. They are devoid of nutritional value and are designed to entice people to consume them. They also encourage overeating.

2. Poor physical activity – Lack of physical exercise, encouraged by the technological boom, is making us physically sedentary and contributing to obesity. Make physical activity a part of your everyday routine.

3. Lack of awareness – Obesity is caused by a large portion of the population's lack of fundamental dietary understanding.

4. Hereditary qualities – Obesity has a significant hereditary component. Children of fat parents are far more likely than children of lean parents to become obese. Some persons appear to be predisposed genetically to weight gain and obesity.

6. Habit of sugar – When ingested in excess, sugar alters your body's hormones and biochemistry. This, in turn, leads to weight growth. Sugar added to various foods, desserts, candies, and processed foods causes complicated addictions and makes your brain need more. They are frequently likened to substances such as cocaine, nicotine, and cannabis.

7. Insulin – Insulin is a critical hormone that controls energy storage. Obesity is associated with high insulin levels and insulin resistance. Reduce your diet of refined carbohydrate and increase your fibre consumption to lower your insulin levels.


Obesity in India

Over two billion children and adults worldwide suffer from health problems associated to being overweight or obese, and a rising number of people die as a result of these disorders. With kid obesity on the increase, India now has the world's second-highest population of obese children, trailing only China. More than 5% of India's population is now morbidly obese. It is essential to eat healthily and lead an active lifestyle. Here are a few tips to follow to prevent obesity:

Burn the calories – the secret to now not gaining extra weight is burning as many calories as you devourKeep a wholesome balance between ordinary exercise and a healthy diet.

•Does your diet right – Diet is a critical part of your combat against obesitySelect ingredients which are rich in fiber like dried beans and raw greensThey also help maintain a healthy gut device which, in turnenhances the absorption of vitamins slowly during the day after meals

•Maintain a food diary – A food diary is a useful way of keeping track of the intake of food and calories consumed. Consult with your nutritionist and work out what diet is the best for you. Use a food diary to follow this plan religiously.

•Track your BMI – Keep your weight in check and maintain it as per your height to keep the BMI within the ideal limit. This would go a long way in keeping obesity away.

•Read food labels carefully – According to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), a food product with less than 40 calories per 100g of the food is termed low-calorie food. Make sure to read the labels on your food products and select low-fat, high-fiber and low-cal food.

•Say no to refined foods – Refined foods like Maida, refined white sugar and refined white salt should be avoided. They are rich in simple carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by the body and stored as fat. Limiting the intake of refined foods will help in long-term weight management.



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